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About us

Sonaids Ltd.

Snorgo is the brainchild of Sonaids Ltd. Sonaids are a UK based company based in the North-West of England

Snoring cure Snorgo
Snoring cure Snorgo

The Minds Behind Snorgo

Dr Pete Naylor

Dr Pete Naylor (Medical Director) has been a GP for almost 20 years in the North-West. He has also worked for NICE and been in senior managerial roles in the NHS.

Phil Sutton

Phil Sutton is a Chartered Scientist having extensive knowledge within design, production and the manufacturing world. Working in partnership with Dr Naylor they have brought the Snorgo product to the market.

Sonaids company aim is to help you. If you have any concerns or questions in relation to your product please get in touch.

Support your Snorgo Efforts

We hope that you find your Snorgo as successful as we anticipate you will. Please remember though that snoring can often be worsened by lifestyle factors and it is really helpful to try and address these whilst using your device. Exercise, smoking, alcohol, large meals, weight all can significantly contribute.
We believe the benefits of your training will markedly improve if you can consider any of these as well when you are using your Snorgo. We know we are the easiest to introduce but please look carefully at these other factors and try and go the extra mile to get even more benefit from your Snorgo exercise programme.

Not all of these may be relevant to you but please consider them carefully:



Exercise can support snoring prevention – even when it doesn’t lead to weight loss.


Weight loss

Being overweight is a significant cause of snoring. Fatty tissue and poor muscle tone contribute. Particularly consider any excess weight around your neck.


Nose and sinus problems

Please see a health professional if this is a concern of yours


Sleep posture

Sleeping flat on your back causes the flesh on your throat to relax and block the airway. Changing this position can sometimes help.


Large meals late in the day

Trials have shown this is probably not helpful for snoring.


Alcohol, smoking and medications

These can all contribute to over relaxation of the pharynx and increase snoring. Please try and reduce them particularly as you start to train with your Snorgo.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?
We are pretty confident it relates to the training of what are called involuntary muscles of the pharynx, the space behind your nose and mouth that connects to your oesophagus (food-pipe). Involuntary muscles are different to voluntary ones, like the ones of your arm or leg, in that you can’t command them in the same way. It is because of this they are harder to exercise. That’s where Snorgo comes in. It is tailor-made to support this type of exercise. Almost like a dumbbell for the pharynx.
Do I have to wear anything at night?
No – Snorgo is only used for a few minutes each day at a time to suit you. We advise three sets of 3 exercises each day. These only take few minutes in total.
How do I do the exercises
Please see the video below for a demonstration:
Is there anything else I need to do when using Snorgo?
Whilst you do not absolutely need to do other things whilst using Snorgo we strongly advise you consider them. There are a few health factors in life that influence snoring. If you can try and address these whilst doing your Snorgo exercises we suspect you will find an even greater improvement. See our 'About Snorgo' tab which has a 'Support Your Snorgo Efforts' for more details.
Will it definitely work?
In areas of exercise and health there are no guarantees but what we will say is that in our trial there was a significant improvement in 100% of those prepared to continue working with Snorgo for 4-6 weeks. There can be unusual causes for snoring, such as nasal problems, and if it doesn’t work we advise you to seek help from your doctor if snoring is a significant problem.
Will it cure my snoring?
We think it could well do – look at our testimonials. We have people who stopped Snoring after a short time with Snorgo
Do I just stop after 8 weeks?
With any form of exercise – whilst you may improve. If you completely go back to your ‘old life’ you may well find problems return. We suspect that most people may have to occasionally use Snorgo to keep the problem away. We don’t think you will find this a problem though. For many – it will be the best decision you have made.