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How To Stop Snoring DIY

For those looking for a DIY approach to curing snoring for good, Snorgo is a new Doctor recommended product for 2020 that allows you to train the muscles responsible for snoring without the need for medication or wearing nasal strips while you sleep. This DIY method puts you in full control of curing disruptive snoring and achieving a good night’s sleep with Improvements seen in testers after just one week! 

Snorgo is a UK designed and made product that offers a how to stop snoring DIY approach to helping you stop snoring for good in as little as 6-8 weeks. The small mouth held device is used to complete a series of short daily exercises which can be split out across the day and take no more than 6 minutes in total to complete. The aim of the exercises is to train the involuntary muscles that are responsible for snoring so that once strengthened, snoring is reduced and ultimately cured.

If you or your partner are affected by snoring to the point you are looking for a DIY way to reduce the regular impact on your sleep, know that 100{21cab0b4b26f06f5071d2bff1967ffcfa2e5bc5098cdeb44139d43878c8be597} of those completing a short independent trial with Snorgo had huge improvements and 75{21cab0b4b26f06f5071d2bff1967ffcfa2e5bc5098cdeb44139d43878c8be597} reported their snoring was cured completely.

Below we share more information on the science behind snoring, what the DIY approach to curing snoring with Snorgo looks likes and why it is a great option for anyone looking for an easy to use, budget friendly alternative to medical or surgical treatments for snoring. Look also at Tips for stopping snoring for further information.


The Best DIY Methods To Stop Snoring For Good

Many areas of our health and fitness can be directly impacted by our own daily actions. From the things we do, the things we eat and activities we take part in. Taking small steps to improvement and building consistently good habits add up to big results over time, and DIY cures for snoring are no different. 

Like all long term improvements to our bodies, when using Snorgo to cure your snoring for good, you must be willing to put in the work yourself to see the results you want. For those that enjoy being in control of their own success, you can complete a small series of exercises using Snoro to build strength in the muscles responsible for snoring that lasts. If tackling your snoring on your own terms like this sounds like the best cure available to you, read on to find out how Snorgo works. 


How Does Snorgo Work? 

When we sleep, air moves around the airways in our nose and throat. This movement of air causes the relaxed tissues in these areas to vibrate and it’s these vibrations that create the Snoring sound we are all familiar with. Some people will snore louder or more often than others because these people are likely to have excess tissue in their airways which leads to more vibrations and increased snoring sounds. 

All muscles in the body get stronger when trained regularly and the involuntary muscles responsible for snoring at the back of our throats are no different. The science behind Snorgo is that by directly training these muscles by using the Snorgo device in your mouth, the tissue vibrations will be reduced, thus snoring is too. 


How Often Do I Need To Train My Snoring Muscles? 

The good news is, you don’t need to spend hours in the gym to shape and improve the muscles that reduce snoring and lead to a good night’s sleep! Using your Snorgo device just three times a day to complete the exercises shown in this video for 1-2 minutes at a time is all it takes! With consistent daily use that you can build into your morning, lunch and evening routines, you will see improvements in no time at all. 

To help build the exercises into your daily DIY healthy habits, you can try integrating them around activities you’re used to doing such as using Snorgo every time your favorite soap begins, when boiling the kettle, when drafting an email or checking Facebook.

Benefits of DIY Snoring Cures 

When looking for ways to cure snoring, there are generally medical, Surgical and DIY paths to consider but for those of you that like to take control of your own snoring success then not only will a DIY approach put the power in your hands, you will also enjoy these benefits too: 


DIY Snoring Cures Are Cheaper 

You can purchase your Snorgo device for a one off investment of £34.99. As it is made with Ion technology, it’s hygienic and safe for repeated use which makes it cheaper than medications that you would need to keep buying to keep snoring at bay. 


DIY Snoring Cures Address the Cause, not the Symptoms 

By using Snorgo to train the muscles responsible for snoring, you are addressing the root cause of the problem rather than simply alleviating symptoms that might aggravate snoring like allergies or narrow airways when taking medication or using strips and sprays that claim to clear airways. 

DIY Snoring Cures Are Non Invasive 

Another great bonus of DIY snoring cures like Snorgo is that you don’t have to stick anything up your nose or in your mouth while you sleep! This means by the time it comes to bedtime, all you have to focus on is sleep. 

How Can I Stop Snoring ASAP?

As well as using your Snorgo device regularly, there are other DIY ways to help reduce your snoring quickly, which you can try combining with Snorgo use for maximum results in record time! 


Maintaining a health weight with a good diet and exercise

Those who are overweight will have more fatty tissues in their throats, leading to narrower air passages. By tackling this head on by eating within a healthy calorie range for your body type and maintaining good activity levels you may see an improvement in your snoring.


Treat Allergies 

Allergies such as hay fever, cause nasal passages too narrow and force you to breathe through your mouth which is known to increase snoring. Antihistamines before bed may ease this narrowing and help to reduce snoring. 


Adjust Your Sleeping Position

The position you adopt when you sleep can help to aggravate or alleviate snoring. Lying on your back for example causes your tongue to collapse into your airways, which can lead to further snoring so try sleeping on your side to prevent this.


Reduce Alcohol and Smoking 

Alcohol is another known relaxant on muscles so if you’re prone to snoring, try reducing your intake or at least not drinking any alcohol for 3 hours before you sleep. For those that smoke, this can inflame the lining of your throat which again leads to narrower airways.  


What if my DIY snoring treatment doesn’t work?

So if your how to stop snoring DIY attempts to improve your snoring haven’t proved fruitful after a couple of months you may have an underlying medical condition impacting your snoring that can’t be improved without medical or surgical intervention but it seems a good approach to try. Explore also How to stop snoring without CPAP? If you have any concerns about this, you should always speak to your physician for their opinion on the best approach for you to take. 

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