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How To Stop Snoring If You Are A Girl

Snoring is expected and almost seen as acceptable if you are a man but it can still feel like a little taboo topic for many girls that snore. We just don’t think it should be considered that way. According to the British Snoring Association there are over 4.5 million female snorers in the UK so if you’re a girl that snores – you’re definitely not alone! 

So, how do you stop snoring if you are a girl? – The evidence is that it is similar whatever your sex. There are plenty of issues you can address and we will take you through those. You might like to check out Easy Remedies for Snoring for some simple remedies. All of these core issues can be of help whether you are a girl or a boy.

We all like to think we sleep serenely and peacefully but the simple truth is, even the daintiest of girls can snore like a bulldozer! So whether you’re a secret snorer, are anxious about disrupting your partner or openly admit to keeping everyone awake, if you’re a girl that is looking for ways to improve or stop your snoring for good, you might be interested to hear about Snorgo – a simple,discrete way to reduce snoring with easy daily exercises that have been shown to provide a long term cure for snoring. That’s right – cure, not just relieve.

Whether it is you or your partner that snores it can be a great device. For partners – check out How To Stop your Girlfriend or Boyfriend Snoring too.

Snorgo is a small, portable device that is held between your lips to complete 3 sets of 10 second resistance holds, 3 times a day. You can complete the exercises at your leisure throughout the day and will be on your way to curing your snoring for good with just 90 seconds of actual work! That’s less time than it takes to sort your hair or make a cup of tea.   

By using Snorgo you are working to strengthen the involuntary muscles around the airways that are responsible for snoring and our testers said that noticeable improvements were seen after just one week and 75% said their snoring was cured after 6 weeks without a nasal strip, chin strap or sleeping mask in sight.  

In this article we take you through what happens when we sleep to make girls snore and how you girls can tackle snoring on their own terms with simple lifestyle changes and budget friendly tools like Snorgo.  


Why Do Girls Snore? 

There are roughly 15 million snorers in the UK but of those noisy sleepers, women are less likely to seek medical help for their snoring than men. If you’re anxious about your snoring or the effect it is having on you or your partner’s sleep, know the snoring is nothing to be ashamed of and there are plenty of things you can do to tackle snoring in your own time. 


What Happens When We Snore? 

The reason women snore is exactly the same as men. Snoring occurs when there is a partial blockage in airways around our nose or throat which cause increased vibrations of the soft palate or excess tissue as air passes through the airways when we breathe. People are prone to snoring when they sleep because this is when our muscles are most relaxed therefore the tongue and airways are more likely to relax or partially collapse. 

Partial blockages might occur due to things like chronic congestion, carrying excess tissue around the throat or deviated septums, and partial collapse is likely to be aggravated by things that relax the muscles in your upper respiratory tract even more such as alcohol or sleeping on your back. 

Assuming there are no underlying sleep disorders or medical conditions at play, girls with excess tissue in these areas or particularly relaxed muscles will generally snore more frequently and louder than others. 


Simple Ways To Cure Snoring For Girls

Whether you want to sort out your snoring for the benefit of your partner to prevent irritability, lack of concentration and general fatigue from endless interrupted nights sleep, or just want to find a way to sleep soundly yourself, Snorgo can reduce and ultimately cure snoring in girls. You can purchase Snorgo directly from our website with no need to discuss your snoring with anyone – perfect for those who still feel anxious about snoring. 


How Does Snorgo Help Girls That Snore? 

Snorgo is a British designed and manufactured, non-invasive way to address the root cause of snoring without medication or wearing night time sleeping gadgets. The doctors and scientists behind Snorgo have seen that by training the involuntary muscles around your airways, excess tissue vibrations are reduced resulting in less snoring.  With regular training, the area around the airways will tone up and be strengthened enough to stop snoring for good! 

If female snorers can find just 3-4 minutes a day to complete a series of simple exercises using Snorgo, they will be well on their way to curing their snoring for good. View this video to see our mouth held product and exercises in action.

How Can Girls Integrate Snorgo Into Their Daily Routines?

When it comes to body and mind, the key to getting any kind of results that last is to build healthy habits into your daily routine, and Snorgo use is no different. When you first use your Snorgo, try to associate a time of day or a place that you complete your snoring exercises to remind you to do them. This could be something like waiting for the kettle to boil or when you shut your computer down for the night – whatever works for you! 


5 Things To Love About Snorgo

If you weren’t already convinced about Snorgo’s positive effects on snoring for girls, here are 5 more things to love about Snorgo: 

  1. Snorgo is a relatively cheap investment at just £34.99 when compared to sleep therapy, masks or on-going purchases of medicines and nasal sprays that claim to cure snoring.  
  2. Snorgo is hygienic as it is made from silver ion technology that prevents microorganism growth so with nothing more than a quick rinse after use, you can rest assured your Snorgo is safe to use over and over. 
  3. Snorgo is a portable cure for snoring! The device comes in a small box that can easily fit into your bag to ensure you can complete the exercises at times and places that are convenient to you. 
  4. Snorgo literally couldn’t be any easier to use! You don’t need a degree is science or medicine to use Snorgo and there aren’t pages of instructions to follow, simple follow the three steps outlined in this video 
  5. The power is in your hands. By training the muscles that can directly impact how much you snore yourself, you literally have a cure for snoring in your hands and are working to fix the problem from the inside out rather than just temporarily easing symptoms like some snoring aids do. 


Do Men Really Snore More Than Women? 

It’s fair to say men get a bad rep when it comes to snoring but is this justified? You might be interested to know that the science says yes! Men’s bodies are more prone to snoring than women because they generally have a larger soft palate providing more surface area and longer airways which can be prone to collapsing which all add up to the potential for more snoring vibrations! Add to this that men generally drink and smoke more than women too, and you can see why according to the British Snoring Association there are 10.4 million males that snore in the UK compared to 4.5 million females who snore. 

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This article has explained how to stop snoring if you are a girl considering the physical factors and lifestyle choices that are likely to contribute to it and how to tackle them all head on with Snorgo. Whether you’re a loud and proud snorer, have been asked to tackle your snoring by your partner or you just want to know you sleep peacefully at night, we hope this article has given you the confidence to give Snorgo a try. We would love to hear how you get on!

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