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How To Stop Snoring of Others

If you’re suffering from sleepless nights due to someone else’s snoring, the good news is, you could be well on your way to sleeping like a baby in just one week with our doctor recommended way to stop the snoring of others for good! 

Are you looking for a solution into how to stop snoring of others? We have solutions for you including advising a significant breakthrough with Snorgo is a device used to cure snoring that has been designed and manufactured in Britain by Doctor Pete Naylor and Chartered Scientist Phil Sutton. When using the small mouth-held device, your snoring partner, friend, child or housemate completes a series of short daily exercises totalling no more than 6 minutes. The time can be split out across the day into 1-2 minute chunks and the exercises work to cure snoring for good by strengthening the involuntary muscles at the back of their throat that are responsible for snoring. 

Ways To Stop Others From Snoring 

Sleep disruption can be really annoying, especially when it’s through no fault of your own. For those of you suffering from a lack of quality sleep due to the snoring of others, the good news is there are plenty of ways to reduce and eventually cure snoring for good. You may also find ‘How to Stop Snoring in Adults‘ useful.

In this article we will walk you through some options to consider and give you ideas of how to introduce fuss free, effective methods like Snorgo to your friends, partners or family to help them cure their snoring for good – so you can sleep soundly once again. 


How To Address The Cause Of Snoring In Others

You may have heard of medicines and nasal sprays that claim to help overcome snoring in others but from our experience, these methods generally work to ease the symptoms that can aggravate snoring rather than addressing the route cause. By using Snorgo, snorers will be encouraged to train the muscles responsible for snoring, so you can be assured they are taking steps to tackle the cause of the problem, not just the symptoms, which is a most effective way to achieve a true, non-surgical cure for snoring for good.


Why Do People Snore? 

During sleep, air moves around the airways in our nose and throat. This movement of air causes the relaxed tissues in these areas to vibrate and it’s these vibrations that create the Snoring sound you will be very familiar with if you’re looking for ways to cure somebody else’s snoring! People with particularly loud or prolonged snoring are likely to have excess tissue in their airways which leads to more vibrations and increased snoring sounds. 


How Does Snorgo Actually Work? 

Just like we train our muscles at the gym to get stronger, the muscles in the space behind our nose and throats also respond well to training. By getting snorers to strengthen this area of the body with simple, short bursts of exercises using our mouth held snorgo device, the involuntary muscles responsible for snoring will get stronger and leaner, leading to a reduction of snoring causing tissue vibrations. With regular training using the exercises shown in this video, 75{21cab0b4b26f06f5071d2bff1967ffcfa2e5bc5098cdeb44139d43878c8be597} of Snorgo testers saw their snoring cured in 6-8 weeks with all users citing huge improvements in their snoring.

How To Introduce Snorgo To People That Snore

As someone who is impacted by the snoring of others, you may be thinking that this all sounds like a great way to help reduce snoring but the real challenge will be to get the person responsible for disrupting your sleep to take their snoring seriously and take action. With that in mind, we’ve put together some ideas to help you tackle the topic of snoring with others in your household:

  1.  It’s likely that snorers will already know they snore (have you told them a few times?!) but perhaps they don’t realise quite how bad it is. In this scenario, open and honest conversation is always a good place to start. Explain the impact sleep deprivation is having on you, your work or happiness and discuss the options you have learnt to tackle snoring for good. With their permission, perhaps you could also record them snoring to illustrate the point. 
  2. Actions can sometimes speak louder than words so once you’ve discussed the snoring issue, actually presenting solutions to the problem might kick start the action needed in others to tackle their snoring. You can purchase a Snorgo device for just £34.99 and by giving this to your significant snorer, they might just be compelled to give it a try! With testers noticing improvements in as little as one week, they, and you could reap the benefits in no time at all.
  3. If when presented with all the facts and tools, your disruptive snorer still needs convincing to take steps to actually ease and eventually cure their snoring, perhaps the carrot and stick approach is the way to go! You will likely know your snorer pretty well, so think of something that motivates them and offer it as a reward if they can complete all their snoring exercises each week. Whether it’s lunch on you or immunity from the washing up, a little gentle persuasion and showing someone what’s in it for them can go a long way! 


What are the benefits of Snorgo? 

For snorers still in need of convincing, here are just some of our favourite benefits of using Snorgo. Aside from actually working to cure snoring for good, Snorgo is a budget friendly one off investment that puts the power to stop snoring in the users hands. There are no mouth guards or nasal widening devices to wear at night and Snorgo users are in complete control of how and when they tackle their snoring!


How to Reduce Snoring In Others 

Although Snorgo provides an effective way to stop snoring for good, there are other simple ways to effectively reduce snoring too. These are a great place to start or use in conjunction with using a Snorgo device for the most effective results. Look also at the article ‘What can I do to Stop Snoring?’.

  • Try rolling the snorer on their side, as this has been shown to stop their tongues restricting their airways. 
  • Implementing healthy exercise routines. Regular exercise as part of a healthy lifestyle can help snoring prevention as well as being great for overall well being. 
  • Reduce alcohol or large meals at least three hours before bedtime. 


How To Reduce The Impacts of Others Snoring

As it can take a few weeks to see the real effects of regular Snorgo use and our snoring reduction tips, in the meantime we recommend these ideas for getting a good night sleep when surrounded by others that snore: 

  1. Using ear plugs to muffle the sound or for high end plugs that can cancel out sound all together
  2. Sleeping in a different room to your disruptive snorer
  3. Try going to bed earlier than the person who snores so that you will be in a deep sleep by the time they start snoring!

We hope this will help you have a greater understanding in to How to Stop Snoring of Others and improve their sleep.

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We hope this article has given you lots of ideas to help stop the snoring of others and will get you on the path to a good night’s sleep.

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