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How to Stop Snoring With Your Mouth Open

The approach on how to stop snoring with your mouth open is similar to other types of Snoring. First always carefully consider lifestyle approaches. Then look to supporting devices. This article will describe how newer devices, such as Snorgo, help in such cases and why it might be the best solution for you.


Clues you are snoring with your mouth open

If you snore and frequently wake up with a dry mouth and sore throat, it’s likely that you sleep with your mouth open. For those looking for ways to stop snoring if your mouth is open, this article can help. Looking for a way to cure that snoring in record time? You will be interested in Snorgo as its users have seen a reduction in their snoring in as little as one week.


Snorgo – a solution for snoring

Snorgo is a British designed and manufactured snoring aid that helps people that sleep with their mouth open to stop snoring. It works by training the involuntary muscles in and around the upper respiratory tract (your nasal cavity, mouth and throat). Simply put, by strengthening these areas with simple daily exercises, that can be completed in less than two minutes, you can reduce and eventually cure snoring for good. It has been independently tested by The Health Innovation Agency showing 100% satisfaction with use and over 70% of partners reporting significant improvements.


How Snorgo helps mouth-open snorers

Vibrations of excess tissue in the airways occur when we breathe and this is responsible for the sound of snoring we are all familiar with. Snorgo users can improve muscle tone of the area. This helps reduce these vibrations and mitigate the effects of narrower or obstructed airways, which can both be exacerbated and lead to snoring when you sleep with your mouth open. Multiple studies have shown that you seem more likely to collapse your mouth and therefore create this turbulence when you open your mouth (Ref .1-3 ).

It has long been known that breathing through our noses at night, rather than our mouths, helps establish a regulated breathing pattern that is helpful for a good night’s sleep (Ref. 5)

Easy Ways To Stop Snoring With Your Mouth Open

Snorgo users have reported that their snoring has been completely cured in as little as 6-8 weeks. In this article, we take you through some of the factors that cause you to sleep with your mouth open, what causes snoring in the first place and our super easy ways to help you reduce and eventually cure your snoring habit for good. Keep reading if you and those around you want to take control of enjoying a peaceful, snore-free forty winks without the need for expensive medicines or wearing odd contraptions like chin guards or nose supports at bedtime. 


What Causes Our Mouths To Open When We Sleep?

People with weak jaw muscles or excess weight on their chins that can weigh down a relaxed jaw as you sleep are likely to sleep with their mouth open. This often leads to mouth breathing which narrows your airways, making snore causing vibrations more likely to ensue. 

Man lying on back on a pillow snoring. Snorgo logo from branding in top right. text in bottom left "snoring when lying on your back". this shows a common reason for snoring with your mouth open and visually represents the text.If you’ve even been rolled over on to your side by a partner, you could be one of many that snore loudly when lying on your back. Those that sleep on their back are also more likely to sleep with their mouths open as when lying on your back, your jaw, tongue and soft palates are more relaxed meaning they tend to fall backwards and reduce the size of the airways. Your body tries to compensate for this by taking in more air through your mouth and when that air hits the back of the throat, even more vibrations of the soft tissue occurs – resulting in the familiar snoring sound we’re looking to cure! 


What Happens When We Snore? 

When we sleep, we take in air through our nose and mouth as we breath and as this air moves through our airways, the movement of air causes the relaxed tissue in the throat and nasal passages to vibrate (Ref. 4 ). It’s these vibrations that result in the snoring sound that everyone sharing a bed with a disruptive snorer wants to cure! Mouth open snoring image. Man in bed facing forwards with mouth open. snorgo logo in top right. 'mouth open snoring' text in bottom left. purpose is to visually represent mouth open snoring

People with particularly loud or prolonged snoring are likely to have:

  • Excess relaxed tissue in their airways.
  • Narrower airways.
  • Longer airways that are particularly prone to collapsing.

All of these factors can be exacerbated by sleeping with your mouth open. So, we have to find ways to reduce these factors coming into play. We can do this by training the muscles around the area with Snorgo. 


How Do I Actually Use Snorgo? 

The good news is, using Snorgo couldn’t be easier and all the ‘hard work’ is done during the day, so there is nothing to think about at night time other than getting a good night’s sleep. 

The best way to use Snorgo to complete your daily exercises is sitting down, and as we recommend completing three sets of 3 exercises, it’s a good idea to build them around your daily habits so they become part of your routine. As they take a matter of seconds to complete and Snorgo is portable, doing this couldn’t be easier!

When you’re ready to begin your Snorgo exercises:

  1. Insert the Snorgo mouthpiece into the pre-dental area of your mouth (The space between your lips and front teeth).
  2. Gently close your lips around the mouthpiece to form a grip before gently applying enough pulling force that you feel resistance but the device doesn’t pop out of your mouth. You need to hold and resist this ‘pull’ with your mouth for 10 seconds – then you’re done! 

For the best results we recommend repeating this 10 second hold 3 times in one session, and repeating the whole session 3 times a day, so in total you have just 90 seconds of actual ‘work’ to do. To see how easy this is for yourself, view this video from Snorgo designer Dr Pete Naylor as he demonstrates the exercises outlined above. 

3 Benefits of Snorgo 

  1. Snorgo is budget friendly. For just a £34.99 one off investment, you purchase your own Snorgo device and be on your way to curing disruptive snoring in no time.
  2. Snorgo is portable, hygienic and easy to use. You’ve seen from the video above just how easy it is to complete your Snorgo exercises and the Silver-ion technology used prevents microorganism growth so it’s safe to use again and again. As it’s such a compact device that comes with it’s own case, you can take it with you and can use it wherever you are! 
  3. Snorgo is a Doctor and Dentist recommended product. It’s always good to have a medical seal of approval when tackling issues like snoring and as our Snorgo creators are doctors and chartered scientists, combined with the great reviews we’ve received from customers, you can be confident you’re in great hands and are taking positive steps to address your snoring problem with a solution that works.


Other Easy Ways To Stop Snoring With Your Mouth Open 

For the most robust approach to curing snoring with your mouth open, you may find it beneficial to try the following ways to ease your snoring alongside your regular Snorgo use. Note that none of these alone will cure your snoring but they may ease it in conjunction with a device like Snorgo that works to cure snoring for good.

Try to reduce to factors that lead to snoring by;

  • Sleep on your side if possible
  • Treating nasal congestion 
  • Ruling out medical conditions that may be a specific cause to you
  • Losing excess weight
  • Eat a healthy diet 
  • Take regular exercise 


Is It Better to Breathe Through Your Nose Or Mouth? 

It’s generally believed that nasal breathing is the optimal way to breathe during sleep. As discussed above, when we breathe through our mouths, the whole area becomes more relaxed leading to the jaw falling backwards, tongue falling back and relaxed palates. This can all lead to obstructions of the airway, more vibrations and increased snoring. Compare this to the smooth movement of air that we usually see when people breathe through their noses.

Snorgo snore cure Logo. Blue snorgo with 3 "z"'s coming off from it. Branding

Summary – How to stop snoring with your mouth open.

So, you’re ready to wake up well-rested, without a dry mouth and sore throat? This article has given you the information you need on how to stop snoring with your mouth open. Do let us know how you get on, we’re always keen to hear about our customer’s journey to sleeping soundly with Snorgo. 


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