How to stop someone snoring without waking them - Snorgo

How to stop someone snoring without waking them

If you want to know how to stop someone snoring without waking them, then the answer lies not only in lifestyle changes but a new proven approach to help snoring – Snorgo.

Perhaps your partner snores? Do you have the mixed emotion of being tired and frustrated but also not wanting them to feel just the same from you giving them a kick? Or perhaps you just don’t want the recurrent argument that ensues after you give them a shake to shout, “Stop Snoring!!”. Whatever your reason, this article will support you find the best approach for you.

Snoring is extremely commonplace

Snoring is incredibly common with almost ½ of the population snoring on occasion. About 25% snore regularly enough for them and/or their partner to find it frustrating and life impacting. Remember, whilst it is more common in males it is still a very common condition in women. Some suggest the real figure is about 24% of women being habitual snorers. Sleep apnoea, which can be considered a severe end of a snoring spectrum, causing restrictions on breathing, is known to be present in about ½ as many women as men. – It is therefore is still hugely commonplace.

Try the simple solution to stop snoring first

So, what do you do at night when your partner is snoring? The commonest immediate action that most people try to do, if your partner is lying on their back, is to roll them onto their side. Snoring is caused by a restriction in the airflow through the airways (pharynx) and floppy tissue vibrating to give the loud noise. When we lie on our backs and fall asleep, the tongue flops back slightly and closes the hole. This restriction supports the progression to snoring. By rolling them back to their side, the tongue can move back and this might just be enough to give you time to go to sleep (before they inevitably roll back!).

What you should not do to stop snoring?

What if they are already on their side and still snoring the house down? Or, just as bad, rolling them over just doesn’t work. Well, the truth is, in that moment, you are probably stuck. DO NOT try to alter their breathing by putting anything near their mouth. Restricting breathing or moving heads or necks will usually just result in waking someone but it can be dangerous and cannot be supported at all.

Being safe with your snoring

Snoring is often just seen as an embarrassing irritant. The truth is that snoring can progress to be something that impacts lives directly causing tiredness and irritability. It can even lead to mental health issues and, with the onset of sleep apnoea, can be a cause of a significant rise in all-cause mortality! That’s right, sleep apnoea increase the risk of significant health life events such as heart attacks, probably due to the stress it causes are body and the dropping of oxygen levels at night. It is therefore a condition that needs to be considered carefully. The NHS website has some really useful advice on when to seek professional health and many of us would want to explore all we can to help ourselves before we need to do that. So, what can we do to help that side of things?


Lifestyle Changes

Lifestyle changes are the most important first step to stopping someone from snoring without having to wake them up. This article will guide you through these. 

Stop Smoking

We sympathise that, if you are a smoker, everything you ever seek help for, in relation to your health, people will first of all seem to turn around and tell you to stop smoking. Having sStop smoking to stop snoringaid we sympathise, on the other hand, we don’t…… because unfortunately, these are usually true! Many ex-smokers will vouch for the positive changes to their life that stopping smoking brought. Smoking carries toxins and these are likely to make the pharynx more floppy. If you try stopping – see what impact it has on your smoking.


Possibly something that we are all aware of as a cause of snoring is alcohol. Most people who drink will have woken with a dry Cut drinking to stop snoring.throat from snoring. That or have been told-off by their tired partner after making a noise akin to a herd of elephants. Alcohol can decrease our consciousness level, making us less likely to wake when snore. It also simply makes the pharynx more floppy too.


Being overweight increases the risk of snoring and there is evidence of a good correlation between neck circumference and the risk of snoring. Weight accumulating around the neck again can increase the night-time restriction in the airway and increase the risk of snoring.summary of lifestyle advice

This problem, whilst difficult, is reversible. When you lose weight, the snoring does often reduce or go away.


Separate from the potential to lose weight and further reduce the risk of snoring, daytime exercise itself lessens the chance of snoring at night. Whilst exercise just before going to bed isn’t recommended daytime exercise can be of help to snoring. It is always important to exercise safely and within your health limits though. Seek support from a healthcare professional if in doubt.

Other factors like this can be found elsewhere on our site.

Other snoring supports

Outside of lifestyle changes, which can be difficult and take time, there are other approaches you can consider.

Mandibular advancement devices have for a long time been a commonplace implement and are now too numerous to mention on the internet. These devices are usually pieces of plastic which are worn at night and push the jaw forward slightly. This opens up the airway, hopefully just enough to stop snoring. Wedge pillows can sometimes support a position to help this too but are arguable less evidence based and some people position themselves, during sleep in a way as to make them unhelpful. If you suffer nasal based snoring then nasal strips or devices to open the nasal passages may be of benefit.

Snorgo is often the answer

Snorgo is a completely different approach to all of those and is particularly helpful if you are naturally looking to improve or cure your snoring. Especially if wanting to do this without having to go to bed with pieces of plastic shoved in orifices. Snorgo has just been defined by the Global Medical Device Nomenclature (GMDN) as a “Sleep Disordered Breathing Soft Palate Exerciser”.

How to use Snorgo

Snorgo is a device that has a handle and a small mouthpiece, that goes just in front of your teeth. You then pull the handle forward and hold the device in place with your lips. The mouthpiece is designed to create an exercise for the back of the mouth which strengthens it and prevents it from being floppy. This can work really quickly but it is recommended that you use it for about 6 weeks. The exercise only takes 1-2 minutes and you do it 3x/day at your own convenience. Amazingly this can cure your snoring and people are already saying it is the only thing that has worked for them. All this with the bonus of not having to sleep with potentially unhygienic and unsightly pieces of plastic sticking out of your mouth!

Snorgo is evidence-based

Snorgo has undergone multiple trials. The latest was undertaken by The Innovation Agency who are part of The Academic Health Science Network (AHSN). AHSNs are funded by the NHS to support small to medium-sized businesses with promising future health products. They found in their trial that over 75% of partners of snorers and snorers themselves felt marked improvement.100% were happy to be using it and wanted to continue. None would even accept a cash incentive for their Snorgo after the trial, which matched results in a previous trial! Only 11% felt they were not snoring less after 6 weeks.3D Pie Chart showing Snorgo trial data



In summary, there are probably limited ways on how to stop someone from snoring without waking them. Especially if your partner is already snoring away one night. However, how about arguing that they ‘owe you one’ the next morning? Try thenencouraging them to find or do something to stop this being an ongoing habit and you being the one to suffer? Particularly as it is viewed as a habit that can have consequences if continuous. Perhaps they will finally decide to stop smoking and gather all the rest of the health benefits to boot or maybe stop drinking?? If lifestyle changes aren’t for them then perhaps Snorgo is? Remember…… They owe you!!