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How To Stop Wife Snoring

Looking how to stop your wife snoring. The answer is to look at lifestyle issues and a new product Snorgo. Snorgo has independent evidence on stopping snoring. Over 70% of partners believing significant improvement and 100% of users are glad they tried. Research all done under the watchful eye of the UK Innovation Agency, who are supported by the NHS.

We’ve all heard that continuous throaty growl of a snorer in full flow. Often, snoring is associated with overweight men. Fellas who have had too much alcohol and lie semi-comatose. All this, whilst their partners pull their hair out over another sleepless night. However, the truth is far from just this. Snoring is not just a male problem, and many people ask the question, of how they stop their wife snoring.

If you’re looking for a way to reduce your wife’s snoring, you’re in the right place. In this article, we’ll explain some of the reasons why your wife might be snoring and how you can support her.



Men vs Women Snoring


It is true that more men snore than women. This is compounded by the fact that more men report the fact that they snore. Remember, 24% of women are habitual snorers. So that is a lot of people who are lay listening to their female partners keeping them awake.

Thankfully, there are now new ways to approach and support people who snore. No longer do you have to wear uncomfortable pieces of plastic every night. Devices that often keep the sufferer more awake than it did you from the snoring! Perhaps you can correct your problem before the condition progresses. Ongoing severe snoring can require investigation for Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA). OSA is a condition that seriously increases your risk of many serious medical conditions. How? Well, we favour Snorgo.



How to Stop your wife snoring – The Evidence


Why do we love Snorgo? Simply because it is based on well established and meta-analysis.  There is proven evidence that certain mouth exercises significantly help most people who are able to undertake them. The reason this hasn’t been popular however is that they are difficult for people to learn and undertake well on their own. Snorgo allows for a targeted and very effective simple mouth exercise in a discrete and efficient way. This means that it can be completed in literally a couple of minutes.

Check out this video to demonstrate how Snorgo works and show you how simple it is to help your snoring.

Why haven’t you heard about this before? Well – we are only a small UK-based company and have had to put our initial effort into our design and patent protection so that we can support this for the future. We are already in discussions with larger companies, the Health Innovation Agency and Universities in order to progress our work and promotion. We aim to be the name you think of when it comes to snoring.

The main thing is that we want anyone to be able to afford this and we are desperately trying to keep our price at about £35 so that we can make snoring a thing of the past for a large proportion of people. Competitors charge well over £100.

Our advice – be an early adopter and be like many already satisfied customers who went for a cure for their snoring rather than an uncomfortable lifetime commitment reliever.

Causes of snoring



Causes Of Snoring


So why focus on “wife snoring” with Snorgo? The truth is you don’t have to. The causes of snoring in women do not seem to differ significantly from men either – both have the same issues that tend to put them at greater risk:

Alcohol – drinking alcohol drops our level of awareness to snoring and seems to further loosen the soft palate tissue, making it go ‘floppy’ and more prone to vibration, creating the loud noise of snoring when breathing.

Weight – Excess weight, particularly around the neck increases the chance of snoring in both men and women.

Smoking – Cigarettes have numerous toxins and these again make the soft tissue of the palate go floppier at night.

Lack of exercise – Daytime exercise is an independent factor effecting snoring. Exercise through the day will lessen the chances of snoring at night! It also means you are more likely to lose weight which, if an issue, also helps you not snore.



Snorgo – Perhaps the answer for how to stop your wife snoring.


Explore the testimonials of the Snorgo website from both men and women and you can see that it has helped hundreds of people of both sexes as it targets the vibrating soft tissue itself that appears to be the main issue in the majority of snorers. The meta-analysis that forms the basis of the science behind this is clear that the majority of people do benefit from exercise work when it comes to stopping snoring.

The clever part about Snorgo has been the designing a system to target the areas of the mouth and palate to strengthen that. Think of Snorgo like a ‘dumbbell for the mouth’. If you wanted to work on your biceps, you could use your other hand to provide resistance, but that is hard work and most people chose to use some simple equipment to support the process. Snorgo does just that for an exercise that otherwise is a little harder – as you can’t see what is happening inside your mouth and can’t voluntarily move all the parts of your mouth and throat by thinking about it.

The other good news is that there are reports of improvements in a few days; though the company do recommend that you persist for 6 weeks to get the most from your device.



How To Ask Your Wife To Try Snorgo


Most people exploring this evidence feel that £35 is well worth the investment when it comes to trying to return to a good night’s sleep again. All you have to do as a next step is convince your wife that it is the best thing for both of you to give this a go.

When approaching this please be aware that people can be a bit sensitive about the fact they snore. They may even deny it. Don’t forget, they are asleep when it is happening so usually don’t know. For most, they don’t have a particular reason to want to change as it doesn’t affect them as much as it probably does you.

Try sensitively to get them to see it through your eyes (or hear it through your ears I suppose). Explain gently and calmy the impact that it is having on you. Also explain the health issues with snoring and, in particular OSA, which has significant impact to health. Remind them that their own snoring, if regular, may well be stopping them having a good sleep cycle and tiredness is not good for our physical or mental health. Perhaps you’ll agree to pay for it as long as they agree to use it!

However, it’s important to remember that this is no use if it goes in the back of a drawer when you buy it, so you’ll need to encourage commitment if you want to see success.

When the device arrives, support your partner in reminding them to do the exercise with their Snorgo regularly and report back to them on any positive improvements. Positive messages support change so this will be key in helping your wife stop snoring.



How to stop your wife snoring – Summary


If you’re kept awake at night by the sound of snoring, you might be frantically Googling how to stop wife snoring. Snorgo is a safe and cost-effective solution that aims to strengthen the muscles of the mouth and palette to treat snoring at its root. All you need to do is convince your wife to give it a go!


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