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Is Snoring Contagious

Did you ever walk past a room and hear two people both snoring or feel that you have only started snoring after your partner did? If so, you may have asked yourself is snoring contagious?

The short answer to this question is no – Snoring is not contagious but this article will explore why in a little more detail.

To answer the question, we must first understand what we mean by ‘contagious’? The medical term refers to something that can be spread from one person (or organism) to another and infers and infectious particle causes the spread, like a virus or bacteria. Contagious diseases can be spread either by direct contact or by airborne means.

Of course, snoring has no infectious particles involved in it. It is not caused by or directly related to any kind of infectious process – so of course, you definitely can’t “catch it”. 

But what about something like yawning? You may have heard that yawning is contagious and that isn’t infectious. This is quite right. Scientists do occasionally refer to contagious yawning and we have all been in a room when someone yawns and you feel like doing (or do) the same. 

The dictionary also picks up on the fact that the word contagious also refers to something else: “An emotion, feeling or attitude, likely to spread to and affect others. For example, “her emotion is contagious”. Yawning is an example of that type of contagious. 

We know that behaviour is contagious. The likelihood of a yawn generally increases sixfold after seeing someone else yawn but it varies very much on an individual level. Interestingly, the urge to yawn is also increased when seeing someone else yawn if we are asked not to also yawn. You may have heard of the comment, “Don’t think of a pink elephant!”. It may be linked to something called ‘Social Mirroring’.