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Stops snoring sprays offer a relatively simple and cheap method to try and address a snoring problem. Unfortunately, the evidence to support them being effective is weak. Professionals in the field even dismiss them as being “completely useless”. This article will discuss the pros and cons around stop snoring sprays and will discuss potential alternative solutions.



Stop snoring sprays – The Theory


Why might stop snoring sprays be effective? Well, the thoughts are slightly varied. One reason is that if you fall to sleep at night, sometimes your airway may close slightly. This closure causes your airway tube to be smaller. The air then has to travel through it quickly to get through the smaller gap. This faster airflow dries the throat. A dry airway arguably is more prone to turbulence. The result? Snoring.

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Stop Snoring Sprays – The Problem


The problem – well no one has convincingly shown that spraying the throat changes all of that. They haven’t demonstrated that the throat spray is effective for the length of time of a good night’s sleep. Also, it would perhaps make sense to say that there is probably only a small window of opportunity to use a throat spray. Once the airway collapses still further it is very likely unable to prevent the turbulence caused – as no amount of moisture will.


Stop Snoring Sprays – The experts.


Quoted in The Los Angeles Times experts are very cynical about throat sprays for snoring:
“The professional verdict isn’t much better. Throat sprays are almost completely useless against snoring, says Dr. Craig Schwimmer, medical director of the Snoring Center in Dallas and a spokesman for the American Academy of Otolaryngology. There’s no reason to think that lubricating the throat would have any effect on snoring, Schwimmer says. People snore because their throat muscles become so relaxed that they sag into the airway and rattle with every deep breath, not because their throats need a lube job.”


Stop Snoring Sprays – Other considerations.


Some other considerations. Stop snoring throat sprays typically cost about £10. For that, you will get about 1-2 months of regular usage. A risk that you might spend significantly over £100 in your first year if using a couple of sprays each night. These sprays do not offer a long-term cure or answer. They doubtfully even offer relief when you are paying for them.

As with all anti-snoring products, it is difficult. If you are the sufferer, you are often semi-conscious (asleep), when you are using them. How are you expected to know?! The risk is you plump for one that is very convenient and doesn’t involve any potential challenge to you.

Good morning snore solution give their opinion on throat sprays and also quote Dr Schwimmer’s damming comments. They state it is because they, “do not tackle the issue at hand” that of relaxed throat muscles.
So, what does tackle relaxed throat muscles to try and address snoring?

Well, we are aware of three products:




Iqoro is a Swedish based product. It was developed as an aid to swallowing and now claims to support swallowing; reflux and snoring. This product is CE marked as a medical device and retails at the time of writing at about £150. It is a good exercise-based product with independent evidence on snoring/sleep apnoea products.




Snorgo is a newer addition to the exercise based snoring market. The product is built and made in the UK with the backing of medical professionals. It is registered by the GMDN as a ‘Sleep Disordered Breathing soft palate exerciser’. Snorgo has independent trial backing and was supported by The Innovation Agency NW, part of the Academic Science Health Network, who are funded by the NHS in its trial. Currently it costs £34.99 and has had excellent outcomes. Unlike stop snoring sprays it does directly target the core issue described by Good Morning Snore Solution and all for the cost of 3-4 sprays.


eXcite OSA


eXcite OSA is another consideration in this market. Like the above two products it is also used in the daytime, so there is nothing to use at night. It uses electric impulses to strengthen the area and in this way we would argue it is similar to using an electric belt style abdominal exerciser rather than direct exercise. It costs (at the time of writing) about £500-600. Some might feel it is quite a lot to electric shock your mouth or as is described NMES – neuromuscular electrostimulation. I hope the term makes you feel better.

So there are some significant differences here – most notably cost. In fairness, only two are currently CE marked for sleep apnoea and one targeting snoring. It is possible that might effect your judgement if you have deeper pockets or perhaps you might trial something cheaper initially. Either way, the option to possibly be able to address snoring at its root cause and not wear anything at night, might well be attractive.



Stop Snoring Sprays – Conclusion


This article has discussed the use of stop snoring sprays and why you may want to stop and think about your commitment potential future commitment to them. Experts have been extremely disparaging of them and others encouraged the use of products that look to address, “the root cause” for many snorers. We have described three of those and included Snorgo as one of those with a significantly cheaper price tag. We always encourage lifestyle advice when exploring methods to deal with snoring and we would advise you to explore other articles which go into this in greater depth.


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