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Stop Snoring Without CPAP

Stop snoring without  CPAP – It can be done with the right approach. By safely exploring your own lifestyle and health issues; getting the right safe advice and considering newer devices. This article will give you details of how you can improve snoring without progressing on to the potential need for a CPAP machine.

CPAP stands for Continuous Positive Airways Pressure and is the recognised treatment, not for snoring per se but for Obstructive Sleep Apnoea. If you are affected by regular or particularly loud snoring you may have come across CPAP in your search for ways to stop snoring. The good news is that only a proportion of snorers require CPAP. The NHS website provides a helpful list for those that may wish to seek professional health advice about their own snoring and it can be accessed on this link. Please follow their advice. Whilst snoring is viewed as a nuisance condition. Sleep Apnoea is more problematic and can increase the risk of death from various conditions. This article is not a specific health article for those with sleep apnoea who need to seek help. 

Introduction – Stop Snoring without CPAP.

In this article, we address how you could stop snoring without a CPAP. We look at how CPAP has been considered the gold standard for treatment. We note how its users sometimes don’t view it that way. Also why they want to explore alternative options or help themselves before requiring CPAP.


What is CPAP?

CPAP is arguably the current gold standard of treatment for sleep disorders such as obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). If you don’t have a sleep disorder and are looking for ways to tackle sleep-disrupting snoring effectively, particularly without wearing a cumbersome oxygen mask while you sleep, we can share a tried and tested way to stop snoring without a CPAP. Along with this article, you may wish to check out Improving your Snoring to help.

What is Snorgo?

Snorgo is a small mouth-held device that you use to complete a series of simple daily exercises at times that are convenient to you. By using Snorgo to train the muscles around the nose, throat and neck, they will become stronger and lean enough to reduce the vibrations of excess tissue in our airways that are responsible for snoring. As a result, snoring will be reduced and often cured. We recommend using Snorgo to complete 3 sets of 10 second exercises, 3 times a day. With regular use 75% of those tested said Snorgo provided marked improvement or cure and all those who tried it were happy with their trial and outcomes.


Snorgo – The Evidence

This evidence above included the partner of the snorer too! An independent trial backing these results was supported by The Innovation Agency who are part of The Academic Health Science Network which is funded by the NHS. They support small UK businesses with good potential future health products.

If you don’t have a sleep disorder such as sleep apnea, the use of CPAP therapy isn’t required or advised for those seeking a cure for regular snoring. With nearly half of people known to snore at some point in their lives, most can’t attribute their snoring to a specific sleep disorder. If this sounds like you, a simple, DIY approach to curing snoring with Snorgo could be just the route for you!



In this article, we will focus on why we snore in the first place. Then we’ll describe the simple steps you can take yourself to cure snoring yourself. All without the need for expensive masks or therapy. 


Why Do We Snore? 

Snoring is simple noisy breathing as we sleep. When we take in air through our nose or mouth while sleeping, the movement of air causes the relaxed tissue in the throat and nasal passages to vibrate. It’s these vibrations that result in the sound of snoring. 

Why do we snore?


If you are aware that you snore frequently, loudly or particularly disruptively, you should review your snoring. You could have; excess relaxed tissue in and around your airways, narrower airways or longer airways. All make snoring more likely. Each of these factors can lead to obstructions, or to the airways partially collapsing, which both in turn increase snoring. You should undergo a review by a healthcare professional to rule out sleep apnoea. If you don’t require treatment for this you still have a problem. Other options are then available. 


How Does Snorgo Work To Stop Snoring without CPAP

Snorgo is a British designed and manufactured product. It is recommended by Doctors and Dentists alike. Snorgo founders Dr Pete Naylor and chartered scientist Phil Sutton have been amazed with the results from initial Snorgo users with 100% of those completing a short independent trial with Snorgo stating they had seen huge improvements in their snoring and 75% reported their snoring was cured completely in just 4-6 weeks. A further independent study run has shown similar results. This was run by The Innovation Agency NW.

By strengthening the muscles around your airways with  Snorgo, you reduce the problems floppy of floppy tissues. This results in less snoring. When using Snorgo in conjunction with the lifestyle changes, outlined later, things get better. 

One of the best things about using Snorgo to cure snoring is that it isn’t used at night time. Wearing a mask while you sleep makes some feel claustrophobic. Use Snorgo at your convenience during the day, with nothing to think about at night. This is a great option for you to prevent uncomfortable plastic at bay.


How To Complete Snorgo Exercises 

If you think this all sounds great but are wondering what Snorgo actually looks like and how the exercises work, view this short video to find out everything you need to know.

You only need to find 3-4 minutes a day to train the muscles that can prevent snoring – much more appealing than the hours in the gym that you need to train the rest of your body when looking for long term results! With regular training, the muscles in the space behind our nose and throat get stronger and leaner leading to a reduction in snoring causing vibrations that occur as you breathe while you sleep.

When you’re ready to complete a set of Snorgo exercises, sit down and place your Snorgo device in the pre-dental area of your mouth – the space between your lips and your front teeth. Then form a seal and gently apply a pulling force with your hands. At this point, your job is to resist this force for 10 seconds and when complete, that is your first set of Snorgo exercises done! For the best results, repeat this 10-second hold 3 times, 3 times a day and you will be well on your way to a peaceful night’s sleep.  


Snorgo video

How To Try and Stop Snoring Without CPAP with Simple Lifestyle Changes 

You now know some of the anatomical reasons why people are more likely to snore. It is also important to know that the lifestyle choices you make can either work to aggravate or alleviate the chance of these factors coming into play. Remember, lifestyle changes can improve snoring permanently too. Check out How to Stop Snoring Permanently For the best results in achieving a long term cure for your snoring. Try making these simple lifestyle changes alongside your regular Snorgo use;

  • Don’t eat heavy meals within two hours of going to bed bed
  • Avoid alcohol, medicine and smoking as these call all relax the pharynx and increase snoring 
  • Try changing your sleeping position. When you sleep on your back, your throat relaxes and can partially block the airway, so try sleeping on your side. 
  • Treating allergies, nose and sinus problems. These all lead to congestion or narrowing of the nasal passages. This makes it more likely you will breathe through your mouth which can lead to snoring

Lifestyle changes to stop snoring

  • Taking steps to maintain a healthy body weight. People who are overweight will tend to have more fatty tissue and poor muscle tone around their necks. This again can lead to snoring. 


What Is a CPAP And Why Many Snorers Don’t Need One.

We’ve now shown you ways that you can take steps to cure your snoring yourself. We thought it also best to briefly cover what a CPAP actually is and when it is best used. That way, you can make the most informed decision. You will want the best way to proceed with the treatment of any problematic snoring you may be experiencing. 

Most snoring is completely harmless in a direct way. It does cause many grumpy conversations with those you’re depriving of a peaceful night’s sleep. If it is an occasional issue, often not too much harm comes of it. However, loud or particularly disruptive snoring can be a symptom of obstructive sleep apnea.

When to seek help

It’s important to know that not everyone that snores has this sleep disorder but if your snoring is combined with a choking or gasping sound, you may be suffering from this potential serious condition. It can cause your body to temporarily stop breathing when you sleep. 

In these cases, you will need to be diagnosed by a doctor and CPAP therapy may be used to keep your airways open at night. CPAP involves a stream of air being provided through a mask that you wear while you sleep to eliminate choking and snoring. In these cases, it is this that is disrupting your sleep as your body is deprived of oxygen. CPAP is a medical need then.


Being safe with your snoring

If you have any concerns about the severity of your snoring, see a doctor. Always do so if you think it is a symptom of a serious sleep disorder. This should be your first step if in doubt. You may wish to discuss with them about considering this type of exercise regimen to help. Please first be sure it is safe to try Snorgo. Once you’re happy, we invite you to give Snorgo a try. Tackle your snoring from the inside out.  

How To Stop Snoring Without A CPAP
Snorgo – your complete cure for snoring


Summary – How to stop snoring without CPAP

In this article, we hopefully have helped many of you to look at how to stop snoring without CPAP. We hope you know understand your options a little better so that you are well informed if you do need to have a discussion with a healthcare professional. Now that you know what causes snoring, the physical factors and lifestyle choices that are likely to contribute to it and how to tackle them all head-on with Snorgo, we hope this article has given you the confidence to give Snorgo a try. We love hearing from our customers about their Snorgo use, so do let us know how you get on when trying to stop your snoring without a CPAP. 


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